[GURPS] [Fanzine] The Path of Cunning

Roger Bell_West and John Dallman have committed a fanzine, and because
one crime isn't enough, its entirely about GURPS. Issue #1 was written
by Rory Fansler and the editors, with artwork from Kurt Wilcken, Dan
Smith and Dover Books.

Its free for the downloading, from https://tekeli.li/path-of-cunning/, in PDF and ePUB.


The Guvnor
Staff member
It's very good @Stronty Girl.
The article on alternate world Newton X 1720 and the briefing paper by HMG on the reappearance of magic and the legal implications is a delight.
I commend it to Taverners and Liminality even if you have no interest in GURPS.