EVENT - Minimalistic, Story-driven Tabletop RPG

Yes, nice revamp you did there. Have you spread the word on the Facebook Kickstarter RPG groups? Those help bring in Players. And if Dan Davenport likes your work, he conducts Q&A sessions with creators at
Hi Negromaestro,

I have followed your suggestion and contacted Dan Davenport: actually, he really liked EVENT and invited me to a dedicated Q&A session which you can read here. Talking to him was a real blast! We went through most of the game mechanics, paying particular attention to the new optional rules and the modular aspects of the system. Dan did a great job with the questions, bringing out some distinctive aspects of EVENT and emphasising the importance of building some additional optional modules which I'm already workin at for the Kickstarter edition.

Thanks a lot for your valuable advice! :)