Dragonmeet 2019


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My obligately self promotion.

My games at Dragonmeet 2019 in London.

On Cloud Nine and Golden Sunshine
Tales from the Loop RPG
Saturday Morning slot.
For up to seven players. Newbies welcome!

There is a big celebration in Derby at the launch of the brand new Gauss Freighter “Cloud Nine”. It means a new class of Magnetrine Ship powered by a Gravitron reactors manufactured locally providing jobs and economic success. But when were strange echo spheres strategically placed on the vessel?
Tags: Player-led, Sci-Fi (Alt-History), Nostalgia Play, No Pre-gens, Rules-lite, Newbie Friendly, Fria Ligan, Musical Accompaniment.

‘Three’s Company’
Alien RPG
Saturday Afternoon slot.
For up to seven players.
Newbies welcome!

Wey-Yu - In space, everyone has a job to do, a reason for working here.
To the company your are an asset, a vital cog in the machine, a significant dollar value, an expenditure on a spreadsheet.
Yet when we come in that is all forfeit.
We are an expensive solution to that vital bottomline. Why are you making this so costly?
Tags: 18+, Alien, Hidden Agendas, Horror, Player-Led, Pre-Gens, Sci-Fi, Spaceships with Ashtrays, Fria Ligan, Musical Accompaniment.



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We're not planning to go - too much going on with family commitments and the time of the year. In all honesty, we only went once after they left Kensington Town Hall and found it horribly over-crowded. It's a pity because we used to do a long weekend and do an exhibition on the Sunday, but to be convenient for Dragonmeet is not convenient for Central London these days.
Grogmeet was Dragonmeet as far as I was concerned (like it was last year, but more so). I meet up with a wide swathe of gamers, the D101 Magic Stall was there alongside All Rolled Up with their funky dice towers, I ran games, and then the journey home wasn't a pain in the arse :D
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