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To run a command in Gaming Tavern, use !command or @RPBot#4161 command.
For example, !prefix or @RPBot#4161 prefix.

To run a command in this DM, simply use command with no prefix.
For example, roll d20.

Hyphens (-) are always optional in commands.
Use help <command> to view detailed information about a specific command.
Use help all to view a list of all commands, not just available ones.

Available commands in Gaming Tavern

help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
about: Displays information about the bot.

allowed-channels: Lists all channels command operation is allowed in.

prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.

characters: Lists/searches characters in the database.
character: Views a character's information.
add-character: Adds a character to the database, or updates the existing one.
delete-character: Deletes a character from the database.

roll: Rolls specified dice.
max-roll: Calculates the maximum possible roll for a dice expression.
min-roll: Calculates the minimum possible roll for a dice expression.