Continuum Continuum 2020 March Update

Hi people!
Here are some various updates that have accumulated and that I will just throw at you in bulk now!

1. The Early Bird, as already mentioned on the other thread, ends at the end of March, which is this month for those who have not been keeping track. We are slightly over half full at this point (or slightly under half empty, depending where you stand on that), so there is still space, but of course going for the Early Bird price does save you money.

2. The Freeforms that will be on offer this year have been put up on the website by our Freeform Czar Chris Jones and our Freeform Czar "Pretender", Mark Galeotti, who is the newest member of the Continuum Committee and has been starting to take over the Freeform managing duties for Continuum and who has already posted a separate thread about this stuff a while ago but just so we have it all in one place:
To view the List of Freeforms on offer for Continuum 2020:
Open the website, Click on "Larps & Freeforms", And select "List of Freeforms" from drop-down menu.
Or follow this link: Freeforms
The opening of registrations for Freeforms will be announced at a later date but will be, barring unforeseen technological mishaps, happening on the main website this year (and no longer on a second, external website).

3. If you already know what tabletop/pen&paper game you want to run, you can register the game on the website if you:
Log In, Click on the "Members Only" drop-down menu, And select "Add RPG Game".
This will take you to a form where you can put in all the info for your game. After submitting it, Keary, in charge of all things RPG, will have to approve the post before it shows up in the list, so be aware that there will be some time delay.
Remember that registering your games early gives you a shot at a guaranteed playing slot in someone else's game (those registrations will open closer to the time), as well as the drink token for the bar, which all our GMs get. But for pre-registrations to work, we obviously need people to offer games!

4. If you would like to run a seminar or a panel or any sort of workshop at Continuum 2020, please let Colin, our Master of Seminars know, if you have not done so already. You can contact Colin via the website by:
clicking on the drop-down "Other Stuff", then on "Who is Who at Continuum", and then scrolling to Colin's biography and clicking at the link at the bottom there
(incidentally, that is also how you find the contact details for the rest of the Committee!).

That is all from us for now! Remember to wash your hands and dice!
Just a reminder that the Early Bird offer ends at the end of March.

(also, Continuum is naturally going to refund bookings in case the event has to be cancelled because of the current pandemic apocalypse.)