Continuum Continuum 2020 is coming!

Hello everybody!
First of all, merry winter festivities to all Continuuees (and to anybody else who happens to stumble across this thread)!

Secondly, barring last minute technological mishaps and the like, registrations for Continuum 2020 ( held Friday 7th August – Monday 10th August 2020 at John Foster Hall, Manor Road, Leicester University, Oadby ) will open on the 1st of January 2020.

Just as a heads up, for data protection reasons we need to delete all old attendee data ahead of the opening of registrations so you will have to sign up to the website once again, as the website will not remember you (consequently, there is also no point in signing up to the website right now, because there will be a PURGE!) The upside to that is that you won't have to remember your password from 2018!

See you in 2020!
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Continuum 2020 has the unfortunate luck to be: over my birthday (not that I care, but my family might); during the fringe (not a disaster, there's lots more of it); in a month where I'm already planning 2 weekends away role-playing.

This could be a tough sell.
Ah, just realised that I can't make this one -- it clashes with the Discworld Convention. Oh well, at least if it's going annual there'll be more chances in future.

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I'm just looking to be inventive with accommodation - when I get a response from the Uni I'll know what ticket to get.

I'll be running at least one and maybe two Wordplay 2 games.
I'll be there but I'll be booking up much later when the bank has stopped giving me side eye after Christmas.
Aiming to run a fair bit of D&H v2
I've booked myself in for this one, but have never been before. Is there the opportunity to sign up for games at the event or is everything pre-booked or prior arranged before the event??? Thanks


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If you want to freeform (Larp) then get signed up and organised in advance. (They are great).
Tabletop is a looser sign up on a wall process: there are usually also boardgames to borrow: drinking is also a key activity for many: there are talks and panels.


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IIRC RPGs can be submitted and advertised in advance on the website (and if you need a private room you should submit in advance), but you can also just ask for a free table on the day. Keary and the crew were super helpful last time getting tables sorted out when the room I had was a bit short.

The spaces in RPGs will often go quickly once the sheets have gone up on the board, so there is a bit of the "let's take a break and see if the new sheets are up" that goes on during the sessions. There's a lot of really good games that get run over the weekend, so plenty of chances to get your fill.
Just an FYI the con originally was very Chaosium game focused and still has a good number of Pendragon, Call of Cthulhu and Runequest games being run. There's probably 100+ TTRPG games in total over the weekend in the eight slots so you can certainly get your fill.
Would anyone going to Continuum be interested in either of the following:

Fate of Cthulhu (uses Fate Core / Fate Condensed) - Players take on the role of time travellers from a future where the Elder Gods rule the world, and their present day allies, in a desperate attempt to change the future and make sure the stars are NOT right!

Mongoose RuneQuest / Glorantha 2nd Age - Wanderers of Pamaltela - Some scenarios and possibly a new one I wrote using the Mongoose version of RuneQuest (which I still find the right level of complexity and fun for me out of the other versions I have read) and the 2nd Age setting of Glorantha. Players take on the role of members of the Agimori people and an Aldryami as the undertake quests across the continent of Pamaltela.