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  • Jenna Moran (Nobilis, Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine) has launched (and already funded) the campaign for Glitch, her long-awaited follow-up to Nobilis where you play what that game called Excrucians — once ordinary people who stumbled on “a glitch — a lesion, a crack, an unfixable and irredeemable break in the fabric of reality — and that glitch broke them in turn. And for a while, infected by the malice of the endless void beyond the world, they thought the answer, the best answer, the only answer, to that break was to end the world itself — until they realized that was dumb. Now, they solve mysteries!” You can download a free Glitch preview .PDF at one of Jenna’s many blogs, The Jewel of All Desiring.
  • The Design Mechanism (Mythras, formerly RuneQuest 6) wants to produce a new GUMSHOE system game, Casting the Runes. Based on the ghost stories of author and medieval scholar M. R. James (1862-1936), Casting the Runes casts the players as occult investigators in the Edwardian era, uncovering arcane and esoteric mysteries.

  • Josh Fox and Becky Anniston of Black Armada Games (Lovecraftesque, Flotsam) are funding Last Fleet, a high-stakes, high-stress Apocalypse Engine SFRPG. The last of humanity are fleeing across space, pursued by the implacable inhuman adversary that destroyed civilization. They’re outnumbered and outgunned. Supplies are running low. You play brave pilots, officers, engineers, politicians, and journalists struggling to hold the human race — and themselves — together under unbelievable pressure. You’ll fight space battles, search for enemy infiltrators, tackle supply shortages, and navigate faction politics. You’ll strive against your own self-doubt and sometimes crack under the strain. The actions of a brave few could be all that stands between humanity and extinction.

  • Gallant Knight Games (Tiny Dungeon) is preparing The Hero’s Journey Fantasy Roleplaying 2E, an FRPG by James Spahn (White Star) that blends classic tradition and modern game design to bring you an experience inspired by fairy stories and fantasy literature. “Whether you’re taking a Knight clad in shining armor astride your grand steed, a cunning Burglar hoping to use your silver tongue to flatter a terrifying Elder Wyrm while your friends slip away, or a dedicated Yeoman who has given your heart and soul to defend the good and true people of the world from the strange dangers of Fairie and beyond, The Hero’s Journey creates a gaming experience firmly rooted traditional western folklore where the player characters are more than just sword-swinging mercenaries looking to kick in the door, kill the monster, and claim the loot.”
  • Onyx Path Publishing is producing a Cult of the Blood Gods sourcebook for Vampire Fifth Edition. The book describes vampiric religions and esoteric beliefs, as well as the Hecata (aka Cappadocians, Giovanni, or Clan of Death). “Cults of the Blood Gods is the book you want if you’re interested in incorporating ecclesiastical horror in your games. This book contains everything you need to have each Kindred in your coterie establish a cult, cleave to a unique faith, and establish domains in the name of an ancient methuselah, being of myth, or even the Kindred protagonists themselves.”

  • Craig Campbell (Murders & Acquisitions in the November 2018 Indie Cornucopia 6) is readying a deluxe hardcover edition of Capers, his Prohibition-era superhero RPG. “As a gangster, you seek to exploit the law and get rich off of alcohol, gambling, prostitution, and racketeering. You join with other players to collectively seek your fortunes in the vice-riddled, booze-soaked casinos and speakeasies of the Jazz Age. Alternatively, you and the other players can portray members of law enforcement seeking to bring these criminals to justice.”

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