Boardgames - What have you played recently?


Rune Priest
Grad Pad was last weekend, and we sort of had another board game event on the Sunday (although we ended up not playing anything - it was a gaming friend’s memorial service and wake).

Outpost - the new edition. Paul played this while I was out shopping. Although I enjoy the game, I rarely play it as I find the maths involved too heavy.

Azul - Stained Glass of Sintra. A mosaic game based on Azul. Enjoyable.

Kodama - one of my games. A tile-laying game with a Studio Ghibli theme. I now have the expansion and Avenue of the Kodama (not played yet)

Belratti. A light version of Dixit themed as artists and gallery owners vs an AI forger. Very enjoyable and a game I shall have to look out for (it won’t take up much space).

Bohnanza. You’re playing it wrong - if you buy a 3rd beanfield, the coins get shuffled back into the deck not get taken out of the game. Doing that changes the dynamics. An old favourite - once we’d sorted out that misunderstanding.

7 Wonders. Again something Paul played while I was out. Another favourite (but as I have it on the iDevices I wasn’t fussed about missing it.


The Guvnor
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Azul a very clever tile pattern laying game that is intriguing, easy to start, a little fiddly to score, very easy to play and rewards with depth and balance. Played two player so far, supports 4. Very recommended.

British History Timeline is one of the many games from Asmodee where cards about events have to be placed chronologically. This one is fun but if you know UK history then it leads to a lot of ties. Nonetheless, recommended.


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Dixit is a game of pictures, words, collective naming and trying to read your fellows. It's fun, light, and works well if you are sympatico with those you play with. Supports six. Would be easy to make your own version with collectable cards or an Everway set. Not sure we would buy it, but worth playing with friends in a party mood.


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High Society is a fin de siecle / art nouveau themed auction card game in which the auction is to buy luxuries to gain status, whilst avoiding Faux Pas, Scandals, or being Passé. A nice touchline is that if you are the one with the least money at the end, you are cast aside however much status you appear to have. I really enjoyed and recommend it, but had the table were less enchanted.


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British History Timeline is one of the many games from Asmodee where cards about events have to be placed chronologically. This one is fun but if you know UK history then it leads to a lot of ties. Nonetheless, recommended.
Played this a few times with the kids. They're at an age when remembering the dates is easy...


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Posted on my blog, but we're enjoying Kartel a lot at the moment. Detective themed resource collection game that plays in 15 min.
Also Murder at Devil Pines which is great - a Cluedo type X-files themed game.

Brass Jester

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Played over the last month or so

Xia Legends of a Drift System - love this game, it's what Firefly should have been (instead of the sprawling mess that it is)

Five Minute Dungeon - actually managed to win by beating all five bosses

Spirit Island - another favourite, have just got the Branch and Claw expansion to try out

Terraforming Mars - have backed the latest Kickstarter for TM

New Frontiers - boardgame of Race for the Galaxy

Fireball Island - the re-released version. The grandchildren love playing this.

Brass Jester

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My family (not just the HOG) love co-op Games, so we play Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert. Robinson Crusoe, Thunderbirds (a brilliant Game, just hard to win), Spirit Island (ditto), Space Alert, Lord of the Rings, X-Com (we ended up with 18 UFO's in Europe!). Our number one Game at the moment is Terraforming Mars (just got TM: Turmoil; haven't tried it yet.)
We had a small games day yesterday, about 24 people, games played:

El Dorado
Great Western Trail
Western Legends + Ante Up!
Kingdom Builder
Cthulhu Wars
Love Letter
Space Base
Just One
Port Royal
Water's Edge
St Petersburg
Le Havre: Island Port
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter

and some I probably missed...
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Anyone played Pandemic: Rome, yet?
Have played it about 5 times. It is a good decent game. The Invasion Route system works well, the Barbarian Tribes have to follow set routes. There are 2 tier Events Cards which work well. You can get a more powerful effect by declining your Roman Civilisation. It also has the added bonus of Legion vs Barbarian Combat.

It takes the base Pandemic mechanics and expands on them very well. It is well worth playing.