[selling] Berlin: The Wicked City for CoC


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I like the sound of this:

Unveiling the Mythos in Weimar Germany
In the aftermath of the Great War, Berlin has a reputation for licentiousness. A place where anything may be had for the right price. It is both a city of hedonism and a city of business; its streets overflow with disabled veterans, prostitutes, destitute immigrants, and political agitators—all rubbing shoulders with buttoned-down businessmen, scholars, and artists. The gutters run with the blood of political assassinations, where Communists and völkischNationalists clash with each other, as well as with the police. Long into the evenings, Berlin’s world-famous cabarets offer music, dance, and titillating entertainment in stark contrast to the gray buildings that run on for endless miles along the sprawling city’s byways.

Into this bubbling stew, Secrets of Berlinintroduces the weird elements of the Cthulhu Mythos. A hotbed of occult organizations, strange cults, and half-whispered lore. Amid the wicked air of the world’s capital of sin, the very nature of what it means to be human is questioned. And, as the city hurtles toward its inevitable dark destiny, the oppressive atmosphere pushes the sanity of investigators to its breaking point.


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It really appealed to me as well. That Weimar Christopher Isherwood Cabaret period has always done it for me.

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A visit to the mean streets stalked by the late Phillip Kerr's cop turned private eye Bernie Gunther in his Kripo days sounds quite an appealing prospect.
In addition to the Night Falls on Berlin mentioned by Dom I also picked up Voluptuous Panic, a book about the erotic side of Berlin in the Twenties, to compliment the material in the Chaosium work. All together they provide a huge amount of helpful information to GM wanting to run a game set in 1920's Berlin. It's a period where guns are very much absent despite large numbers being brought back from the Great War. There are the various criminal elements (the Ring gangs) as well as various political factions sparring for power. In all a melting pot of nationalities just waiting for some naive investigators to arrive looking for the occult mysteries of the Mythos.
These? Didn't know of this series

Bernie Gunther in his Kripo days..

The Berlin Noir collection is the first three novels which are largely set in the 1930s with the Nazis in power. They're not the best in the series, a bit thick eared and perhaps more Mike Hammer than Phillip Marlowe - Kerr probably still finding his feet with the character. The later novels range all over from the pre- to post-war period and in the main are really good, although the recent Greeks Bearing Gifts was disappointing (nothing much happens but the detail on post war Greece was interesting). I gather the last novel Metropolis, due to be published this year, will cover Bernie's Berlin police days in detail.
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I've got it, as I'm fascinated by that period of history in Germany and it is also helping with my German language studies. It really is excellent; although there is a LOT of mature content. It includes a handy 'How to pronounce German words' guide which is reasonably accurate. A couple of my players might be interested in playing CoC so I'll give it a go.
The Butchers of Berlin by Chris Petit gives a good feel for the wartime city, although as I might have mentioned on the "What Have You Read Recently?" thread the story isn't up to much.