[generic] Arkenforge?


Rune Priest
I guess it all boils down to a mixture of how good a general drawing tool it is, how much useful collateral is supplied with it (or available off the shelf at a cost you are comfortable with), and how happy you are with drawing your own.

The problem I've found with the VTT software I've used (largely MapTool and Roll20) is that they are poor drawing tools, and the good collateral (image sets etc) is more than I am willing to pay (approximately nothing). So I end up creating maps in Inkscape and GIMP, then importing them (which you don't need for print your own battlemaps).

I admit that I'm not satisfied with the quality of my maps (because as an illustrator I really, really suck), but I'm not willing to pay the money for someone else to enable me go the Lego map route.