Other Games Anyone ever run/played UED: You Are the Resistance?

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Have any of you ever run or played United Earth Defence: You Are the Resistance? I'm thinking of running it as a con game. However, since it has a dice spend mechanic, I'm wondering if anyone has experience of how the gradual disappearance of dice (and thus of options) plays out?

e.g. a player starts the game with a pool of six d6 in Weaponry. Every time he rolls d6 to shoot a bad guy, his pool goes down one. When he runs out of Weaponry dice he can't do any more firearms attacks. The in-game explanation is that your 'power armour/survival suit' has run out of oomph and/or you are out of ammunition.

Some of the other dice you spend (Energy, Armour) can be replenished by the special abilities of certain character types (researcher, mechanic). But there doesn't seem to be any way of getting Weaponry dice back. Apart from abandoning the mission and heading back to base.

I don't want my players to get halfway thru the game and then sit around looking sad because they are out of options.


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I have it and loved the conceit.
I didn't notice that hole in Weaponry.
Maybe for your game you need to assign a "reload" specialist.
More likely, it's a deliberate pacing mechanism to deter over enthusiastic gun bunnies.
Humans are, after all, utterly overfaced by
I would love to play this, this is cold dark I could get behind, playtest?
Sounds nifty. There is a simple solution. Offer opportunities to replenish the Weapons dice as a sidequest like raiding an ammunitions depot or finding some alien weapon alongside the main quest. If Players focus on the sidequest then sadly, those are the type of Players you got. Better luck next time.

Or just run rules as written with this warning early in the game so only Players accepting of the conceit of the original sit at the table to play. .