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So finally, we have the Altered Carbon Role Playing Game. It is being funded via Kickstarter. Sadly, it is powered by an all new game engine called "Hazard" and thus, my enthusiasm died, for who needs "Hazard" in their life?



POSITIVES (the big selling points)

Whereas character death is a natural occurrence and ever-present threat in tabletop RPGs, Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game offers a unique angle on the concept. As opposed to creating a brand new character, players will have the opportunity to transfer their character’s consciousness, memories, and experiences into new Sleeves post-death… but at a cost.
Mind you, immortality is not invincibility. Losing a Sleeve is a life-altering setback, and “Real Death” awaits anyone whose Stack is destroyed. That being said, Sleeves introduce their own refreshing challenges to players and storytellers alike. Augmentations can instantly upgrade your athleticism, but a world-class surgeon in an unadjusted Sleeve can botch a basic procedure. The possibilities for characters and campaigns may change from one Sleeve to the next… making long-term gameplay more versatile, while empowering the story to steer character advancement at its own pace.

NEGATIVES (its own game engine)
This is my pet peeve in having to learn yet another game engine, when Green Ronin already has and RPG "Eclipse Phase" that offers the things we want to emulate in Altered Carbon fiction.

Still, the Hazard rules seem simple enough and mirror ideas from Cortex and Savage Worlds, so probably, I could run this.


Actions are done using an appropriate die type depending on your level.
These are rolled against a Target Result (TR) assigned by the GM or Scenario:
  • 12+ - Trivial
  • 10-11 - Easy
  • 9-10 - Normal
  • 7-8 - Tricky
  • 5-6 - Challenging
  • 3-4 - Complicated
  • 0-2 - Nearly Impossible


The Guvnor
Staff member
Thanks for the update.
I doubt this needs a dedicated RPG.
After all, Eclipse Phase has taken the "sleeves" idea one step further, and there are numerous SF engines we all have for noir SF.
However, I wish them very well. I may buy their next RPG