2020 Vision

…aaannd we’re back in the room. Happy New Year, everyone!

Honourable Mentions

Over Christmas, as well as the usual family festivities, I’ve been toying with a number of things.

Bolt Action is something I bought on a whim years ago but have never actually played. It’s a very clean and elegant platoon to company level World War II miniatures wargame. I originally came to RPGs through WWII miniature wargaming, and I love the idea of playing Bolt Action on well-made terrain with a force of nicely-painted figures – panzergrenadiers probably, for no better reason than I think Hanomags look cool. Meanwhile, back in the real world, I have no-one to play with and nowhere to keep the toys, even if I could persuade my wife to put up with the smell of glue and paint.

Rangers of Shadowdeep is much more credible as a potential game for me; you can play it solitaire, it’s more of a squad level game, and I could repurpose my existing collection of D&D figures and battlemats for it. Or even play it in Roll20, which would avoid the need to set up the table and tear it down. You may see Rangers of Shadowdeep here yet.

Group Gaming

I gave the usual suspects five options for the next campaign, and perhaps predictably they want more Beasts & Barbarians. I was hoping to persuade them to try a science fiction game, but there wasn’t enough interest; maybe next time.

I also floated the idea of a Roll20 VTT game with my children and their partners, but while the initial response was positive, it’s all gone quiet since; and to be fair, they’ve got other things on their minds – weddings, moving house, small children, that kind of stuff.

Finally, I’m thinking of running some one-shots at the FLGS, probably starting with Trailer Park Shark Attack. If that goes ahead, it might sink without trace or it might spin off a whole new group.

Overall, though, it looks like things will be quiet on the group front this year, apart from playing in the Genesys games run by the usual suspects every 2-3 weeks.

Solitaire Gaming

My intention for season four of the Arioniad is to move to SWADE, to familiarise myself with the system and avoid skills fade before my next campaign kicks off. As for the setting, I see no reason to shift away from the Spinward Marches, in fact I may fully embrace the detail already online in the Traveller map and the Imperial Encyclopaedia wiki. The choice of the Official Traveller Universe in turn drives me towards Solo as the solitaire game engine, although I will gradually replace parts of it with SWADE’s GM tools.

I confess though, SWADE doesn’t enthuse and inspire me the way SW Deluxe did; I’m not sure why. Likewise, I’m less enthusiastic about the latest THG products, although in that case I think it’s because of the switch from more traditional tabletop and miniatures rules to 8″ x 10″ battleboards with no tactical movement.

However, there is no reason why my solitaire games should use the same rules and setting that my group games do, other than sheer laziness. Likewise, with the exception of SWADE, where I dabble in editing published products and therefore need to stay current, I could ignore new versions of games.

Acquisitions and Blogging

I bought myself 5150 Missions: Infestation for Christmas, and I kickstarted Deepnight Revelation late last year, so you will see those reviewed in due course, but they don’t count against 2020’s purchases.

For 2020, I’ll get the SWADE Test Drive when it comes out, and possibly the revised Science Fiction Companion; but it’s getting harder to justify new gaming purchases, even to myself, and so far there’s nothing else on the horizon that looks interesting enough to warrant buying it.

I expect to throttle back on the number of blog posts this year – I only have so much free time, and in 2020 more of it will need to be allocated to non-gaming activities. In particular, I’ll be happy if I manage one ‘season’ (26 episodes) of solitaire gaming. I plan to tidy up the blog, renaming categories and moving things around to reflect the current focus; I don’t intend to delete anything, just neaten it up a bit.

Let’s be about it, shall we?

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